Image Skincare Eye Pads*

One of my goals for Autumn is to look after my skin more, and I’ve been trying to religiously use eye cream every morning! 

I’ve been using the Image Skincare Eye Pads for 2 weeks, every night. They make my eye area feel so soft, and the serum on them spreads evenly without irritating the eye area. 

I expected them to be dry after a week of being open but they have really been soaked in liquid. Be careful on how much you rub the pad around your eye though, as if you get the serum in your eyes, it does sting and make your eyes water like crazy.

The packaging is really pretty too, with a sleek metallic lid on top of a matte black box. It haven’t looked out of place on my dresser.

Even my boyfriend has been trying these out (which is really unusual for him) and he loves them too! Who knew?! 

If you would like to read more about Image Skincare products, including these pads, then click here


Indeed Laboratories *

I’ve recently been absolutely loving the Retinol Resurface Serum and the Hydralouron Moisturiser from Indeed Laboratories. 

It isn’t very often that I fall in love with a new product, but these have really been suiting my skin. The packaging is really sleek and classic, and it doesn’t look out of place on the dresser. 

I think the thing that really sold these to me the most is the consistency of the formula. I don’t like products that are too runny or too thick, and these seem to get it just right.

You can shop Indeed Laboratories here or can find them in Boots. 

Salon Science*

When you think of Haircare, Science isn’t usually the first thing on your mind. Infact, it is rather quite the opposite.

The shampoo is clear in colour but the conditioner is a neon greeny/yellow colour which can be a little unusual at first. The smell reminds me of products that I usually encounter in the salon.

I didn’t get on with the serum. It made my hair feel weighed down and tacky. Whilst I was trying this, my mum was staying with me. She has very similar hair to me, it’s practically the same but brown.

She has absolutely LOVED the serum, so much so, she took the rest of it home with her, and is going to Boots to buy the shampoo and conditioner to match!

Perfume Click*

If you haven’t heard of Perfume Click, it is a discount website offering thousands of products up to 75% off RRP. You can find the website here.

After learning about Perfume Click, I recently placed an order with them. I ordered Vera Wang Princess and Beyoncé Heat as they are two of my all time favourite inexpensive fragrances. They arrived quickly and safely, in well protected packaging, perfect for perfume.

Through browsing the website I noticed they are a fab website for ordering limited edition fragrances and products which have been taken off sale in retailers like Boots and Superdrug. They’re offered at a fraction of the price they were sold at peak too!

What’s even better is they give you extra discounts for every item you put into your basket. I received £1 off of my second item. If that doesn’t urge you to splurge on a haul then I don’t know what will!!! 

I’ve since been eyeing up the This Works Pillow Spray which is discounted to £13.20 which way below RRP of £16! – I love a good bargin!

Browse through Perfume Click by clicking here.

5 Things I Wish I’d Known Before I Moved House

So I’ve recently moved house and if the experience has taught me one thing, it’s that I really REALLY should have sorted myself out better.

I moved out of a flat into a house, and it’s been really exhausting. I thought my house would feel empty because I only had limited stuff in my flat, but moving has taught me that I had so much CRAP! Below are my 5 top things which I wish I had realised before the move.
1. THROW IT AWAY – if in doubt, throw it. Unpacking boxes of crap is one quick way to realise there was no reason to hold on to some of the stuff I did. Why do I keep so many empty make up boxes? Or jeans I haven’t pulled past my thighs in 3 years? Or bits of tat!
2. You haven’t got to put up EVERY ornament you own! I’ve got candles, plaques with quotes, old photo frames, every cushion I own… and you know what, when I first moved, my house looked like a garden knomes den!
3. Clean FIRST, before you move all of your stuff. It’s just not the same trying to hover around your new sofa, or around the bed. Duh!!!!
4. Organise your boxes. I did this 60% of the way through, then just chucked everything in any box I could see. Because of that, it’s taken me AGES to get rid of all of the boxes. And I lost my glitter palette for 2 months 😦
5. Invite everyone around at the start while it’s new and exciting… because it rather quickly becomes exhausting and boring, and you can’t wait to sit down and watch tv in your own space! You don’t feel like showing anyone around 2 months too late.
Have you experienced any of these things? What are your tips?

Influenster – Max Factor Goodies*

If you haven’t heard of Influenster by now then you must have been living under a rock. I was sent some Max Factor goodies from their collection. I received a lip liner, lip gloss and lipstick. I love the packaging of all three, as everyone is partial to gold, as it makes us feel a little royal. 

The lipgloss is FAR too pale pink for me (tanned with blonde hair) and makes me look like a Barbie Doll/Playboy Bunny. I don’t like the formula either as there is nothing worse than I sticky lipgloss!

The lipstick is a pearly pink with warm undertones and would look good with a neutral face. I wouldn’t usually go for this colour and my grandma has already asked me if she can have it, as she loves Max Factor and can wear the colour to her overs club. Who can say no to their grandma?

The lip liner is my favourite out of the three, as it’s clear! This means you can use it alongside any lipstick, and don’t need to buy millions of lip liners. I found it to be quite moisturising and kept my lips in tip-top condition while I wore my favourite matte lipstick, which usually makes my mouth very dry.  This is my favourite product of the three.

Have you tried these?

Ghost Sweetheart Forever*

Perfume is probably my softest spot when it comes to buying things I don’t need. I’ve got an array of bottles from The Body Shop, to YSL, to Michael Kors and Hollister. I’m a bit of an addict. When I received the new Ghost Sweetheart Forever I was so thrilled because i had already been eyeing it up in Boots. I love Ghost fragrances as they’re not usually too expensive – but deliver really good, all day fragrances that smell rather luxurious. Deep Night has been a favourite of mine for years, so when I saw the new Ghost on the block I couldn’t wait to try it. 

Ghost Sweetheart Forever is a blend of Rose and White flowers which is supposed to make it quite floral, by I think this fragrance actually comes across more fruity than floral. This is due to its too notes of cassis, orange and lychee. It is very similar to two perfumes I used to own: Armani Si and Lancome’s Tresor Midnight Rose– both of which i adore, but are very expensive. 

The fragrance is currently on GWP in boots, where you can receive a tin including a mini Ghost lipgloss and a signature mini Ghost Sweetheart, to see how the original compares to this new summery fragrance. 

To read more about this product on the Boots website, click here

*contains PR Sample. All opinions are my own.