Basic Beauty Tools – Spongedry*

Hi everyone,

With the current marketing of Silicone Sponges and new Buffing Brushes, I still think that the humble Beauty Blender is the best product for me to apply my make up evenly. I use it to blend my contour kit, for concealing around my eyes and for my base foundation. There are many reasons why I love Beauty Blenders, but one reason that I dislike them is because I find it so time consuming and difficult to clean them.

Then I discovered Basic Beauty Tools on Twitter, after seeing their Spongedry design in Tatler magazine and Glamour. It’s basically like a little rack for your Beauty Blender to sit in and dry. I like to wash my Beauty Benders in a mug with hot water, but usually struggle to dry them evenly, as they usually dry in patches. I’ve been finding the Spongedry really helpful to dry my blenders without putting them on a towel.

To top this off, I’ve also been using the rack to store my beauty blender, so that it doesn’t roll around in my make up bag. I personally feel like this exposes my blender to less germs, as it keeps it away from other products that my get onto it.

Basic Beauty Tools sell their Spongedry holders for £14.99 and they come in a range of colours too (black, white, pink and purple), which compliment their beauty blenders really well. The Beauty Blenders, which retail for £5.99, are latex and perfume free, and also come in different colours (black, pink and purple). What I particularly like about this company is that each Spongedry tool comes with a beauty blender included, and you can pick your own colour combinations to ensure the set is personalised exactly how you like.

  • You can browse and buy their Spongedry holder here for £14.99
  • You can browse and buy their Beauty Blenders here for £5.99

Also, Basic Beauty Tools are letting you guys have 15% off purchases from their website with discount code BUNNY15 until September 30th.

*Pr Sample. All my own personal opinions.

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Lush Blogger Event – Nottingham


So if you have been anywhere my Instagram or Insta Story this week, you’ll know I was invited to Lush Nottingham on Friday 12th May for a bloggers event evening. This was to promote their fathers day range, campaigns and self-preserving range too! It was great to finally meet lots of local bloggers who I’ve chatted to online for a while, as well as having time to look around the store without being pushed lol.

We were greeted with grace, as each team member introduced themselves, and bigged up the doughnuts from Doughnotts which were beautiful, may I add.

We learned all about how Lush are reformulating some of their products so that they don’t contain the chemicals which are often used to preserve products. These chemicals are potentially harmful to the planet and us. So far, Lush have reformulated three products, using all natural self-preserving ingredients. These products are: Dream Cream hand and body lotion Mask Of Magnaminty face and body mask and Ocean Salt face and body cleanser.  They still sell the original versions, but for me, anything that might harm me or the planet is worth swapping for something that wont. For this reason one of the products I chose in my goodie bag at the end of the night was the Mask Of Magnaminty.

I also had a consultation which the LOVELY Leah who couldn’t address my needs any better. My dry skin has currently been taking over my hands and feet, and for that reason she exfoliated my feet using Pumice Power and used Volcano Foot Mask on me too. I took home some samples of this, as it is the next product on my buy list. Any excuse for me to put my feet up and ignore the housework is great! 

She also soaked my little toesies in the Foot Soak and Fancy Free, which is like a bath bomb for your feet, and dusted in Twinkle Toes, which I already own. My hands were slathered in Golden Hand Shake, and then my cuticles were dosed in Lemony Flutter.

We were saw demo’s of the new Fathers Day Range. As much as my dad is a secret bubble bath queen, he draws the line at anything that smells like Lush. There new range includes Modfather Bubble Bar, which I also took away in my goodie bag, Their Super Dad Bath Bomb and a Stairway to Heaven Guitar-Shaped Soap, as well as a smugglers soul range, which I also sampled, and a few bits which can all be found here.

I also met the lovely ___ who talked me through their shower products as I’ve started showering instead of bathing (saving water). After our chat I took home a sample of Plum Rain, which smells phenomenal and a 100ML bottle of Comforter, which was also kindly gifted to me.

Overall the night was fabulous and I really enjoyed myself! I hope to go back again to the next bloggers event, as I have a BIG shopping list ready. Here are the pictures of all the products I was either gifted or took home in sample form:




Thanks for reading! What’s your favourite Lush product? Let me know in the comments! 

Love Becky x 


The Body Shop – Drops of Youth

Hello my lovelies,

This last few weeks I’ve been trailing The Body Shop’s Drops of Youth range, which is marketed as an Anti-Wrinkle. I’ve heard a few things about this range, and lots of mixed reviews, so I thought I would give it a go myself. I’ve been trying the Youth Liquid Peel, the Day Cream and the Night Mask, and I must say the product has lasted me so long! I expected this experiment to last a week, but in actual fact it’s been three weeks since I began the trial, and I’ve been using it religiously morning and night.

First of all I must say that I think this range is very similar, but budget friendly, to the Energie De Vie range from Lancôme. This is due to it’s water base, it’s packaging, the consistency and the claims for results.

I’ll break down each item for you before giving my overall opinion on the range.

Youth Liquid Peel

This was by far the weirdest of products I have ever used. It is a light weight liquid that looks really watery. For that reason it can be a little bit awkward to apply. When I applied it to my face, it went all, well, bitty. It was so strange. It rolled up like bits of wet tissue all over my face, then I washed it off. The Body Shop claim that this is all the dead skin cells being ‘peeled’ off your face. Now I’m not sure how much I believe that, as someone who uses an exfoliating toner and exfoliates regularly, I find it a little hard to believe that it would peel off so many dead skin cells without making my face red, which it didn’t. I’ve used this twice a week for three weeks.

Pros: It leaves skin feeling soft

Cons: It is really, really messy to use!

I can’t say I was ‘wowed’ by this product, and I will not purchase it in full size.

Youth Day Cream

This is a really good, moisturising cream that is lightweight enough for oily skin. I have applied this on its own and under foundation. I must say that it is a really good primer without trying to be! A little goes a long way, which is good on the purse strings. It smells fairly fresh, as well as being gentle enough to leave your face feeling like you aren’t wearing anything.

Pros: It lasts a really long time as you only need a little for your whole face.

Cons: I wouldn’t use this if I was suffering from dry skin as it isn’t moisturising enough.

I would purchase this product as a daily moisturiser to wear under foundation, as my skin is oily, but I wouldn’t wear it on it’s own when my skin is feeling a little dry.

Youth Night Mask

Now this is a strange looking product. Even when you really dig your fingers into the pot, it snaps back to leave a glossy, flawlessly smooth finish on the surface of the cream. Spooky. I have been using this every night, sometimes alongside my Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Oil, sometimes alone. It excelled beyond expectations on making my skin really soft in the morning. The general presentation of my morning skin has improved whilst using this.

Pros: By morning, my skin was feeling really soft.

Cons: If you are a little heavy handed, it is really tacky on the skin.

I really liked this mask, and out of the three, this would be my favourite product in this range.


If you are thinking of investigating this range for yourself, you can find it here.

*this post does NOT include any affiliated links.

** I am not an expert and all opinions are my own from trailing these products over a three week period.


My Shopping Trip Whilst On A Spending Ban

Hi everyone,

On Tuesday 18th I ventured into Nottingham City Centre whilst on a spending ban… dangerous I know! but I needed some make up wipes and deodorant and I’m pleased to say that (and a glass of wine) is all I bought, and I had a really good day!

I visited stores like Debenhams, Molton Brown, Kiehls, John Lewis, The Body Shop, Boots, Superdrug, Aveda, the list really does go on.

Whilst I managed to keep my Micky Kors zip closed, I really did have a good afternoon. Here’s a few things I spotted:

  1. I noticed Garnier have a new collection of skincare out in Boots. Similar to how L’oreal had the test strips to determine your skins oil levels, Garnier have some to see which line you want.
  2. Boots have had a Barry M Nail Paint clear out, reducing lots of colours to £1 and £2… does this mean there’s a new launch one the way?
  3. Superdrug have got a free limited edition magazine when you buy 2 or more Garnier Products. There’s also a free canvas bag offer when you buy 3 make up products.
  4. Clarins have brought out some more of their lip oils (which are like a non-stick gloss) – I tried the Mint and actually rather liked it.
  5. The Body Shop have a few new products out and are taking their skincare further down the ‘Anti-Age’ route. I can’t help but wonder if they are trying to appeal to a different market.
  6. Urban Decay have reduced the price on the old packaging setting sprays. Might be worth stocking up whilst their cheaper ladies?
  7. The Midnight Recovery range at Kiehls is currently being recommended for every routine, whether you need it or not, so beware!
  8. Aveda are launching a new range for dehydrated scalps. The guy wouldn’t tell me much except there’s also going to be a scalp massaging brush to go along with it.
  9. Lancôme in Debenhams have an offer on where you can get a free mini foundation brush and a sample of their primer with a purchase of Foundation. Whereas Lancôme in john Lewis are on Gift with Purchase but it’s targeted more towards dry skin which is annoying.
  10. Liz Earle are on gift pretty much everywhere. It’s quite good value for a freebie from them too, and much better than the Shampoo/Conditioner/Body Wash gift that was on around Autumn time.

After all the exploring I was pooped, so popped to Le Bistrot Pierre for a free lunch curtesy of my Loyalty Card (where you buy 9 meals and get your 10th free) – I was so relaxed I bought myself a glass of wine to finish the afternoon off.


Thanks for reading!


BX Scents*

Hello Everyone! (or no one, I don’t actually know who reads this lol)

As you may have seen from my Instagram, the company BX Scents recently sent me one of their Hand-Poured candles to review. Their candles are made purely from Pure Coconut Wax, and are available in a variety of 6 different fragrances: Caribbean Coconut, Black Pomegranate, White Jasmine and Patchouli, Midnight Musk, Lavender Spa, and the one I was gifted, Vanilla Crème.

Vanilla Crème is a creamy, warm fragrance with top notes of Madagascan vanilla, including a base trio of crushed nuts, warm woods and musks. The packaging is plain, simple and elegant, with a metallic gold trim around the label. The burn time is approx 35 hours, which is appropriate for their current pricing, ranging from £9.99-£12.99.

I must say that overall I really like this candle. It smells really beautiful when burning, and makes me feel cosy. I am a really big Vanilla fan, and although this candle is branded as Vanilla, you do get a hint of the coconut from the coconut wax when burning, but I like that. The Coconut Wax is not a firm as Paraffin Wax, therefore be careful you don’t stick your fingers in it by accident (speaking from experience). I would say that this candle looks and smells beautiful, but is not appropriate to just ‘display’ and not burn, as you cannot wipe the dust from the top of the candle, with the wax being a tad smushy. I also noticed that when burning, the wax becomes more of an oil consistency than melted wax, so be careful around children.

All of BX Scent’s candles can be found on their website here, however they’re currently out of stock as they are selling fast, so if you want one, keep your eye out for when they come back available.

Thanks for reading!

Top 5 Tips For Surviving A Spending Ban

So anyone who reads my social media or blog will know I’m moving house soon. I’m moving out of a furnished house into a non-furnished one with my other half. I know it’s going to cost me a bomb, but I’m getting prepared for it. I’ve put myself on a spending ban unless I need something (REALLY need something). The extra cash I’ve saved is going straight out of my bank account and into my savings one. It’s really hard. Especially when you are always looking at beautiful products on Instagram, and companies are bringing out new products that look gorgeousssssssss

Here are a few tips I’ve found myself doing to help survive the dreaded sending ban:

  1. Look through all your make up and decide which products you haven’t used in ages. I found this really helps me fall back in love with products I haven’t used in ages, and by doing so, makes me feel like I’m using something new. I’m currently doing this with my Lancôme Blusher that’s nearly gone. I forgot how much I love it.
  2. Use up your free samples. I’ve got so many skincare samples I’ve never used, I like to trial them and see which ones I do/don’t like. Then I make a wish list from the products I’ve tried. It gives me something to look forward to when I’ve finished my spending ban as well as having the chance to try out loads of new products.
  3. Use your cards!! I’ve got £60 on my Boots card, a £20 gift card for T. K. Maxx… you’re not actually spending the cash in your bank account if you’re using these!
  4. Evaluate whether you can justify spending £30 on a new foundation when you already have three. Even if you LOVE it. I’m currently waiting for a good Gift with Purchase to come on at Lancôme so I can get a new Face Scrub and a new Foundation. That way, even though I’m spending, I’m getting loads of things free too.
  5. Avoid the shops! I work in a shopping centre and it’s sooooo tempting. Instead of cutting through Boots and tempting myself by walking past Benefit and Estee Lauder, I now walk the long way around, and it actually only adds a extra minute on my journey. Which I usually end up wasting by looking at beauty products on counter anyway!

Nottingham Fashion Show #NOTTMFW

Last week I managed to bag myself front row tickets to the Nottingham Fashion Show which showcases lots of fashion that can be bought in the city. 

They had pulled out lots of stops to ensure people felt really pampered and looked after. There was a Kiehls trailer giving away samples of their best sellers, as well as hosting skin consultations for samples of ranges to try. I met the lovely Hannah who talked my through my skincare routine and recommended a range for me to try.

There was also a bus in the Old Market Square with some lovely girls from Benefit and Urban Decay giving quick-look makeovers, such as brows and lips. I met …. who structured my brows and gave me a bene-perfect brow! I also received a little goodie bag from her including some mini brow goodies. 

I had never been in the council building (where it was hosted) and OMG it’s beautiful; it really was the perfect location… I want to live there! We were guided up the grand staircase and shown into showroom. 

I managed to attend two shows on the Friday: ‘Club to Campus’ and ‘Style Classics’. I took a lot of inspiration from the Style Classics, but I didn’t really see many outfits in the Club to Campus that I… or anyone I know… would go out in. 

I particularly enjoyed the Rethink Pink as this is an up and coming trend for Spring/Summer 17. I wasn’t as bothered about the Sport Luxe trends as I hate the gym lol. I’m the person who watches TV in my sports leggings. There was a really good range of different size models, which I found extremely beneficial as the adverage dress size in Nottingham is a 14. 

Here are some pictures from the shows. 

This is the 6th year that the fashion show has run, and I definitely recommend attending next year if you get chance. The tickets are free but are on a first come basis. You can order then online around a month or two beforehand so make sure you’re on the ball.